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/ All coat expectations fulfilled
/ Love Aesthetics
/ All coat expectations fulfilled
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/ DIY/ creating a lot of new hanging possibilities within the same space/
/ DIY/ creating a lot of new hanging possibilities within the same space/
/ Love Aesthetics
/ Shoeporn from Paris at Maison Martin Margiela
+ thought on John Galliano joining the maison
/ Love Aesthetics
/ Shoeporn from Paris at Maison Martin Margiela
+ thought on John Galliano joining the maison
/ DIY/ creating a lot of new hanging possibilities within the same space/
Anonymous asked:
I just read that John Galliano is going to be the new creative director at Maison Martin Margiela. What are your thoughts on this? Regarding his racist remarks a couple years ago but also regarding his style? Do you think MMM is going to suffer from this? You always seemed to like the brand a lot. Thanks for your thoughts. -Sarah

Thank you Sarah,

I don’t want to get into the racist remarks part, I believe the court should judge that matter and give him an appropriate penalty. 

I still don’t have a clear opinion about it. But I wrote some thoughts on my blog:

whtkd asked:
what do you think about John Galliano being the new MMM CD?

remember the rumors of Raf Simons turning down the Margiela creative director position?

satisfaiire asked:
Dear Ivania, my name is Natasha and 3 months ago I bleached (3 times because I had dark Brown hair) my hair to dye it pink. 4 months later, my head teacher told me they're going to expell me when I wouldn't change it so I went for grey. My hair is really messed up now, do you have some advice? Thanks! X Natasha

Dear Natasha, i can’t give you any advice on your hair as I’m not a hair dresser, all hair is different and I can’t asses yours without seeing or touching it.

However I do want to give you some advice on how I would deal with your teacher. I’m not sure in which country you live, but it seems very questionable to me that students can be expelled by their appearance. It seems quite ridiculous and illegal to stand in the way of someone’s education just because of the color of their hair. It is 2014 and I think everyone should be encouraged to express themselves, experimenting with your look is a way of finding your own identity and is a very important part part of your own personal development. You can not allow them to punish you for that. What I would do  is write a letter to your school together with your parents and co-sign it with as many other students + their parents who agree with you on that you should be able to express yourself without having to be afraid that someone will stand in the way of your future. Education is a basic, international human right and it can not be taken away from you just because your taste in hair color is different than that of your head teacher. 

Best of luck to you Natasha, I hope you fight for your pink locks!

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cross-fire-hurricane asked:
Dear Ivania. I recently saw your H&M-video with the necklaces. I found it very nice, it was beautifully shot! I do, however, remember you saying that you didn't like or even hated H&M. What changed your mind? (Side note: it could have been mostly Zara, but I almost know for sure that you have, in the past, said you didn't like H&M)

Hey there!

Thank you, I’m glad you liked what we did. I totally understand your confusion as I am very opinionated about the subject of fast fashion.

Yes I have slowly changed my opinions about H&M because they are one of the few, if not the only high street store that are taking responsibility, are listening to the criticism and are open for change. They were the first to sign the bangladesh safety pact, they have a conscious collection, unlike Zara they stopped producing angora rabbit knits, they support young designers and graduates by giving out yearly prizes and giving them a stage on international fashion weeks, they do collaborations with designers and artists instead of ripping them off, they set up recycling bins for clothes in their stores, they have stores like &OtherStories and COS which provide better longer lasting quality… I don’t believe that H&Ms products are 100% ethical yet, but there are some big ambitions there that I applaud.


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