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Back from the best festival #MELTfestival 🇩🇪 / didn’t manage to keep it all white though

As a teenager I would often ask myself: when will I wake up, look in the mirror and feel okay and at peace with the reflection. And even now at this age, while finding imperfections in others utterly beautiful, I can be very criticizing towards myself sometimes.

Until last Friday night. I was working on cutting some leather when my razor knife slipped over an old ruler and cut right through my left hand. I rushed over to the sink to clean the wound and stop the bleeding when I realized my index finger couldn’t move anymore. I got nauseous from the thought that this could be permanent, so I put on my trainers and got myself to the hospital as fast as I could. A special plastic surgeon came over from a different hospital to open up my entire hand and wrist to reattach the tendons.

This relatively small damage to one of the functions on my body made me really upset and reminded me just how fantastic and perfect this vessel is. Having a human body is like winning the genetic lottery; a set of perfect tools; 10 fingers and an intelligent brain. It functions, it works, it repairs itself. How can you ever complain about something as insignificant like your appearance when you’ve got the most advanced, best working machine to your disposal for free?!

So the next morning I woke in the hospital, for the first time in my life, being completely happy, thankful and freed from all my petty body issues. So even though I’ll only have one hand to use the coming 6 weeks, I feel happier than ever.

Hope everyone discovers their silver linings and sees the positive side of everything. Happy Sunday everyone!

p.s. (I also got a cool Margiela-esque, white hospital bracelet with my name on it )

😷🏥 Be careful while DIY-ing boys and girls / Friday night at the hospital

cut through the tendons of my index finger
still waiting for surgery
I can’t stand doing nothing in this boring hospital
Friday evening: Finally some time to update Selected
youhaveallday asked:
Hi Ivania! Just wondering what blogs you like to look at? Not necessarily fashion related. You're the only blogger I've ever really been enthralled by, very genuine. I'm the exact opposite of you (love colour and prints - although I thoroughly agree about keeping it simple) but I like how you are very sure of who you are. Also out of interest do you like anyone's style that's different from yours? And why? Respect and kudos from Ireland!


Most blogs that I follow are actually food blogs (even though I’m a terrible cook), architecture, interior and graphic design blogs. I like to stay in my own bubble so don’t like to get too much direct style influence from other people or get overloaded with runway images all the time. I follow the shows less and follow lots of non-fashion accounts on instagram. But I do like to look at the fashion blogs of blogger-friends, appreciate their style even though its not what I would wear and follow what they are unto personally.

What I like most about blogs is the personal aspect of it; the stories, the realness (as in they really wore that, they bought that, it’s not a model who only wore it for 2 hours for the shoot), a peek into someone else’s life. It’s something you don’t find in a magazine :)

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5 tricks to stay clean
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Versatile Bikini Top 
Love Aesthetics /
Versatile Bikini Top
Bumped into model @valentijndehingh yesterday at the Vogue family and friends dinner / we were both wearing the DIY slides from Love Aesthetics ✂️👊
Anonymous asked:
i really do not want to be offensive in any way, i just want to ask: how can you afford such expensive clothes (eg the new alexander wang bikini top)? do you earn all your money over the blog? and how is that possible? thank you. xx

1/ I work very hard :)

2/ I don’t buy much else

There are brand collaborations with Love Aesthetics on which I earn money about once a month (this is always stated very clearly in the post: examples: and and Often publications buy my images to publish them in a book or magazine. Besides that I also work as a freelance consultant, designer and art director for brands who find me through the work I display on my blog… it varies a lot.

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