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/ new, simple, home DIY/ minimalist coat stand/ specially made for the new issue of Obscura magazine/ tutorial here »
Anonymous asked:
I read that you're working on label from your blog and I was wondering -maybe a really stupid question- if the merch will be low cost or if I will have to spend aaaaall my -little- money in it? You're one of my BIG inspiration.

Yes! I am working on some products of my own

starting small though - don’t expect a huge online shop - taking my time to perfect develop each and every item - it will naturally grow into a larger collection

Quality is very important for me plus the production happens in an ethical way so that will reflect in the pricing. Hopefully you will love it and I am sure there will be some small items there that everyone can afford. 

Anonymous asked:
do you have/take interns?

maybe soon for a big project

what are you studying?

September issue of Dutch Vogue / I spoke to them about the future of blogging and the future of Love Aesthetics / Pick up a copy to read it! 😘📰
/ Love Aesthetics
/ Marble scarf
/ It was such a joy to drape this marbled silk on a concrete block and shoot it from every angle
/ Love Aesthetics
/ Ik zie, ik zie, wat jij niet ziet
/ Current inspiration on my wall, explained here 
leafypeaches asked:
can you pleasssee answer with places you shop at? Sorry if you've answered this a million times before i've just followed you and LOVE what you wear! :-) xx

Thank you!

I keep a wishlist-like page with shopping recommendations from across the internet called ‘Selected’ :)

Love Aesthetics /
DIY : Copper, Leather indoor swing
super easy tutorial here 
Love Aesthetics /
DIY : Copper, Leather indoor swing
super easy tutorial here 
Love Aesthetics / 
wearing football short + heels
/ Love Aesthetics
wearing / football shorts + heels 
/ Love Aesthetics
wearing / football shorts + heels 
some snapshots I took last week of
the beautiful dark North Sea
it’s my favorite instagram update of this summer: @love_aesthetics
sonloveable asked:
It seems like everything in your life is so perfect! I am amazed how everything in your surroundings look always white, sterile clean and tidy. How do you manage to do this? Do you live on a different planet or sth???

it’s not perfect, I just chose to only pay attention to the positive side of things. Trying to always reduce the amount of stuff that I have, it means having less clutter.

Anonymous asked:
so happy that you're back and that your hand is all okay

Thank you!

It’s been a challenge to keep up with work and blogging, because my entire left arm is still out of order, it is still unsure if my hand will be okay.

I miss my sewing machine, working out, making stuff, braiding my daughter’s hair